Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

ACT Middle Champs Part 2 (31.08.2019)
Lørdag 31 August 2019
Careys Cave, OACT, Australia
ACT Middle Champs Part 1 (31.08.2019)
Lørdag 31 August 2019
Careys Cave, OACT, Australia
WOC 2019 Long Distance (14.08.2019)
Onsdag 14 August 2019
Mork langdistance, Norway
Two intervals @ LD pace (11.08.2019)
Søndag 11 August 2019
Gillingsrod, Norway
Long Distance
Simulation: 35' @ LD Pace (09.08.2019)
Fredag 9 August 2019
Lordagskjappen, Norway
60% of Long Test Race (World) (08.08.2019)
Torsdag 8 August 2019
Guttersrod, Norway
Svestadtjern middle distance (28.06.2019)
Fredag 28 Juni 2019
Svestadtjern, Norway
Kirkebygden Intervals (28.06.2019)
Fredag 28 Juni 2019
Kirkebygden, Norway
Valer Varde Familiarisation (28.06.2019)
Fredag 28 Juni 2019
Valer Varde, Norway
Lond Distance
Long distance familiarisation (24.06.2019)
Mandag 24 Juni 2019
Gillingsrod, Norway
Long distance
Write up on AP -
Autumn Series #1 (24.02.2019)
Søndag 24 Februar 2019
Bunjil, Australia
Vic Autumn Series #1 @ Bunjil - 1st Feeling pretty wrecked at the end of three big weeks but aim was to make this a threshold ef...
Bendigo 2Day Hagaby (17.02.2019)
Søndag 17 Februar 2019
Lockwood Ranges, Australia
Mass start long
Relatively good race. 2 small errors in the granit butterfly but picked them up quick. Two times I really tried to push away from ...
Easy middle distance (16.02.2019)
Lørdag 16 Februar 2019
Kooyoora, Australia
Easy before two races. Technique felt good to start but didn't have the confidence that I was at the right control site so was slo...