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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

OST 1 (22/03/2015)
Sunday 22 March 2015
Category: O Races
Sandstone Valleys, Australopers, Tasmania
suffering from a mild cold, I think, pace was slow, missed 3 attacking 15m too soon and unable to see flag tucked at the foot of a...
Twilight Series (6) (18/03/2015)
Wednesday 18 March 2015
Category: O Races
Waterworks, Australopers, Tasmania
haven't adjusted GPS on 2 because this is the direction of the path on the ground, lost time on 5 in the rough stuff (better to go...
Pittwater Fast Re-location (14/03/2015)
Saturday 14 March 2015
Category: Training
Pittwater, (me and Stu), Tasmania
Fast re-location exercise in a group of three. We did course in reverse. I had the map on 9, 6 and 3; messed up on 8, thought we h...
Stringy Bark Surprise (test run) (12/03/2015)
Thursday 12 March 2015
Category: Training
Stringy Bark Creek, Parkino, Tasmania
test run/control hanging, missed 5 high among the MTB knolls but could see it from where I stopped, couldn't make sense of map at ...
Twilight Series (5) (11/03/2015)
Wednesday 11 March 2015
Category: O Races
The Domain, Australopers, Tasmania
clean run, hesitated at path junction at 10 after misreading control descriptions, confusing and inaccurate paths around 2/8
Long Weekend (Long) (08/03/2015)
Sunday 8 March 2015
Category: O Races
Transit Flat, EVOC, Tasmania
The other half of the Oceania area, only visited by the elites (briefly) in the World Cup race. Ground covered with debris. Tough ...
Long Weekend (Short) (07/03/2015)
Saturday 7 March 2015
Category: O Races
Jason's Task, EVOC, Tasmania
worst run in a long while, running too fast in unfamiliar terrain (although pace was correct for the distance), couldn't make sens...
Twilight Series 4 (part 2) (04/03/2015)
Wednesday 4 March 2015
Category: O Races
Royal Botanical Gardens, Australopers, Tasmania
when I checked map at path junction approaching 12, I saw the circle for 13 and visited that one first ... ops!
Twilight Series 4 (04/03/2015)
Wednesday 4 March 2015
Category: O Races
Royal Botanical Gardens, Australopers, Tasmania
1:2000 and 2m contours, everything was coming up too fast, buildings seemed far too close, challenging to think quickly enough, wa...
Waverley Test Run (27/02/2015)
Friday 27 February 2015
Category: Training
Waverley Park, (me), Tasmania
most of the 'runnable' here was light green at best, dense trees and debris, missed the v short 4, lots unmarked gullies in the vi...
WROC Local Event (22/02/2015)
Sunday 22 February 2015
Category: O Races
Pittwater Dunes, WROC (Mike Dowling), Tasmania
good run, but slow: very warm day and loose sand underfoot; could've taken straighter lines on some legs (5, 9, 23)
Attackpoint Exercise (27/01/2015)
Tuesday 27 January 2015
Category: Training
Seven Mile Beach/Pittwater, (Stu Lawrie/Richard Parkin), Tasmania
test running long course, checking tapes, handled the exercise pretty well, lost concentration to 9 when I started to think about ...
Hobart Shorts (6) (16/01/2015)
Friday 16 January 2015
Category: O Races
Knocklofty, Australopers, Tasmania
messy, had to attack to have any chance of taking first place, rough route to 2 but had minute man in sight at 3, which led to lac...
Hobart Shorts (5) (15/01/2015)
Thursday 15 January 2015
Category: O Races
Risdon Brook Dam, Australopers, Tasmania
tired, really hard to get going, but did, eventually; blew the race, and the series, at 13, where I intended to aim off to the lef...
Hobart Shorts (3) (14/01/2015)
Wednesday 14 January 2015
Category: O Races
Seven Mile Beach, Australopers, Tasmania
good run, fast pine forest, allowed myself to be influenced/distracted by fellow competitor (Seb) on 8 and 10 (flag was tucked out...
Hobart Shorts (2) (14/01/2015)
Wednesday 14 January 2015
Category: O Races
Mount Nelson, Australopers, Tasmania
very wet, torrential rain overnight, many paths were flowing streams, missed path junction at 9 and rough open had scattered trees...
Hobart Shorts (1) (13/01/2015)
Tuesday 13 January 2015
Category: O Races
UTAS Sandy Bay, Australopers, Tasmania
another good sprint run, didn't spot the shortest route on 1, tried to turn too early on 10, overtaken by elites and juniors on th...
Oceania Long (11/01/2015)
Sunday 11 January 2015
Category: O Races
Transit Flats, OT, Tasmania
very warm day, caught by Bill Edwards at 2, 'elastic' broke on long leg to 8, missed in circle, very tired, stopped to drink befor...
Oceania Day Four (08/01/2015)
Thursday 8 January 2015
Category: O Races
Coles Bay, OT, Tasmania
only miss was coming around the back of 20, but must have been slow through the terrain: lost a lot of time on 2 with only a minor...
Oceania Day Three (07/01/2015)
Wednesday 7 January 2015
Category: O Races
Kelvedon, OT, Tasmania
very hot day (pm), good run, but brain almost melted approaching the spectator/drinks control, control 7 was on an unpleasant rock...
Oceania Middle Distance (06/01/2015)
Tuesday 6 January 2015
Category: O Races
Rajah Rock, OT, Tasmania
first ever run in the Australian bush, very warm day, not a bad performance, but wasn't anywhere near aggressive enough, in partic...
Oceania Sprint (03/01/2015)
Saturday 3 January 2015
Category: O Races
University of Tasmania (Launceston), OT, Tasmania
pretty tight run: hard out of the start, mitigating the longer route choice, not running fast enough through 2, 3, 4, hesitant abo...