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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

NOL Long Distance (14.03.2021)
Neděle 14 březen 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Petticoat Gully, Ian Lawford, Australia
A few small misses in the circle where I just didn't see the flag (6,26,30) plus a little uncertain coming out of some very thick ...
NOL Middle Distance (13.03.2021)
Sobota 13 březen 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Mount Alexander, Jim Russell, Australia
Slow-ish start then worked into it up until a bad mistake to 10 (lost contact about 2/3rds of the way along and got a bit confused...
NOL Sprint (13.03.2021)
Sobota 13 březen 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Gisborne Secondary College, YVOC/CHOC, Australia
Wrong routes to 13, 18 (about 5s) and a few little losses (eg. bad lines to 12 and 23) so could've been pretty close to Aston with...