OCC (15/04/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Akerhusfesting
Organiser: LIllomarka OL
Country: Norge
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.72 km
Time: 16:13
test/jog the course for the city cup that we organised. we also used the touch free emit, slower to hang the controls but really good for the punters. really beautiful area also
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Bjørn Sverre Gulheim : Nice routes choices, but i wonder if you debated the route among your organisers. To P6, i wonder if its in fact quicker to go right than lef? And to P9, i am pretty sure best route is south left, and what is the lose/gain going left to P12, any comments? :) Thanks
JiM : Left to 6 is OK, touch free punching, so go with the flow, 9 looks shorter, but there is the other side of the wall, so you need to go pass, and come back, 12, once again you need to go pass the control, simple running left, navigator right, your call
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OCC (15/04/2015) OCC (15/04/2015)