Middle sim (18/07/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Relyovo
Country: Bulgaria
Distance: 3.97 km
Time: 28:01
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 182
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Leon Keely : seems like you had good technique_? whats the forest like?
Christopher Naunton : Yeah it helps when you put the controls out in the reverse order.. I was shadowing Shamus one of the kiwi''s for this run.. did have to play catch up a bit after talking to people for a little bit and I did take a few different route choices to straighten things out...

As for the forest... this patch was so so nice.. and super fun.. was pine forest and fast running, really good vis too and very little underfoot compared to Sweden.. Felt pretty similar to the erosion gullies of the gold mining terrain back home so was feeling pretty comfortable.. The other maps haven't been too bad either.
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Middle sim (18/07/2014) Middle sim (18/07/2014)