Harvey Road - Minor Event (25/05/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kuitpo Forest
Organiser: Tjuringa Orienteers
Country: Australia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 10.14 km
Time: 85:41
Average HR: 137
Maximum HR: 151
Ended up being an unexpected nice morning in the forest. The weather was perfect, and the club was pretty well organised without much help on the computers from me (Chris F is learning, and doing a great job). I opted for the long course, as i knew it was going to be pretty simplified orienteering and a fair bit of track running. Des set a reasonably good course for his first effort, but i had to advise him that sending us into that green crap at #16 is ill-advised and probably detracted from my overall impression of the course. He agreed and understood. But i think i under empasised how green and crap it was: Ruhi passed me between 14 and 15 and then lead out of sight into 16 via the dam, where i went head on into the green. I finished my course without seeing Ruhi again. I sat down at the computers to help out with some problems, and 5 minutes later - Ruhi appeared. He got completely trapped in that green crap - I did too, but not to the same degree apparently. I heard similar stories of those who approached 16 from the dam getting even more tangled up than us that tackled it head on. There was controversy over a few control sites, but some of them look to be more inaccurate mapping than inaccruate control placement. So well done Tjuringa!
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Harvey Road - Minor Event (25/05/2014) Harvey Road - Minor Event (25/05/2014)