Para Wirra OY (31/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Para Wirra
Organiser: Tintookies Orienteers
Country: Australia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 7.05 km
Time: 81:24
Average HR: 135
Maximum HR: 161
Oh golly. What a race. It never starts well when i don't even feel like going out on course - I've had a lazy week, and felt like a lazy Sunday. But 1-2-3-4 were some of my worst orienteering in a while. Once i told myself to "harden the fook up" i started to think and act more clearly. Still my legs needed more encouragement. Felt like bailing at a few controls but got thorugh the worst of that. To recap 1-4:
Start to 1: Didn't think, ran off without a plan, no bearing and not much of a clue, too late to reconsider, so just kept going for the track
1 to 2: Again, no proper direction, once i hit the fence, i thought "hey, lets use that"
2 to 3: Oh the whopper - Sauntered out of 2 with a better idea of direction, but was still dragged down hill it seems. Then i hit what i thought was a cliff, searching the map i found a cliff that was north of my control, and it seemed feasable that i had drifted this far. WRONG. What i couldn't see untill i had turned south and reached the shade of the trees was a little bare rock, barely visible on the map. Oh joy. Lets climb up the hill and try all this again.
3 to 4: grr hmmph, and F^^%$##. That is all i have to say about that leg.
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Para Wirra OY (31/08/2014) Para Wirra OY (31/08/2014)