2015 4hr Twilight (21/03/2015)
Category: Rogaine
Map/area: Barraging Goolwa
Organiser: Rogaining SA
Country: Australia
Discipline: 4Hr
Distance: 13.2 km
Time: 105:59
Average HR: 137
Maximum HR: 169
Patrick and I teamed up for the 4 hour event. I figured that i'd only go for a short while so Paddy didn't get to distressed being in the pram for too long. Managed to cover a good amount of distance i thought for under 2 hours of Pram Running. I was a little disappointed with the map preparation for this as some controls and approaches to controls were not easily interpreted as possible or within the rules of the rogaine. It would have been nicer if the public-spaces/private-land was shown less ambigously (read - at all). I couldn't find #22 which was described as being on a Houseboat, When i got to the circle, the only house boats were in a place i determined to be private property so i didn't enter, hence i didn't find it. I wasn't fussed by this as I really didn't care about scores. Patrick as my navigator was a complete disaster. Within half an hour of being on the course, he fell asleep, and when he did eventually wake up after about 45min, all he did was talk and play. Useless. No prizes for us, but i feel we would've done pretty well if we had competed the full 4hours, but then i would've had a very hungry and very grumpy partner (which probably was the case for most of the other teams anyway).
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2015 4hr Twilight (21/03/2015) 2015 4hr Twilight (21/03/2015)