Easter 2015 Day 3 (06/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mulga Valley
Organiser: Orienteering SA
Country: Australia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.83 km
Time: 52:10
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 174
Quite a chilly day and a bit rainy too but that only added to the fun. I was second starter behind Bryn and 2min ahead of AK. I had a tumble on the way to 1 which left my hands, knees and shoulder a bit stingy (mainly from the cold and the fall, no broken skin). I caught Bryn by #2 after he stuffed it up worse than i did. I ended up drifting off my bearing to the north too much but relocated very quickly. AK caught the two of us by # 3 forming the ultimate pack to push us all around the course. I've never really taken to pack running before since i've never had that many people my speed around, this was fun though. AK confirmed that if he couldn't get himself on the podium the next best thing was to help me gain the time i needed on Slatts to run me into 2nd place. And it worked! We all navigated pretty well, and each had our turn in the lead at times. The pressure to keep with these two really spurred me on and keep my navigation really focussed. I led the guys through the creek controls towards the end which i was quite happy with not completely botching this part and made no mistakes on course other thant two. Bryn and AK abandonned my at the last control to make a dash for the green boxers. Bryn got there in 18seconds, AK in 20seconds and i got there in 40..... Managed to snag the second place, bumping Slatts down a rung on the podium. Couldn't have done it without the pressure from Bryn and AK - thanks guys! Finished the course in 4th place, which i was happy about.

The last presentation was made all that more awesom by Alex and Andrew M bringing the beers! Thanks to those guys too!
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Easter 2015 Day 3 (06/04/2015) Easter 2015 Day 3 (06/04/2015)