Belair NP Night Training (26/01/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Belair NP
Organiser: Stefano Raus
Country: Australia
Discipline: Night
Distance: 2.72 km
Time: 15:41
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 172
Well yay. It was loads of fn but i disappointed myself by missing 2 controls. The course layout was about as confusing as you can get with multiple loops, splits and butterflies to consfuse the fork out of my dad brain. I was really good and dilligent up until the course went on to Gums Oval then i relaxed and that's when the error hit. I was really pleased with my direction control and even did "better" than some of the more practised juniors. I use inverted commas since my "better" was early on in the course when i was on my A game.....

Couldn't beleive how many eager people were there to give it a shot. Stefano had to race home to print more maps! About 25 in total took part.
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Belair NP Night Training (26/01/2017) Belair NP Night Training (26/01/2017)