Oceania Long championships (05/10/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kangaroo Crossing
Organiser: Orienteering Victoria
Country: Australia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 8.89 km
Time: 97:13
Average HR: 143
Maximum HR: 165
Botched control 1, then got to control 2 to find out i have the wrong map. No turning back now, and confirmed with Slatts that he too has the wrong map (so an organisation problem and not me). Since i was limited by time i decided to go on and not go back to the start. Good choice. Was really messy throughout the whole course never really finding a way to understand the rock detail. Really slow up the hills.
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Oceania Long championships (05/10/2019) Oceania Long championships (05/10/2019)