Kersbrook Glades South (05/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kersbrook Glades South
Organiser: Tintookies
Country: Australia
Discipline: Foot
Distance: 7.64 km
Time: 92:54
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 172
WHAT A DISASTER, and unfortunately not because of me or my orienteering abilities. There were 4 problems with controls today, 3 controls in the wrong location, and 1 with the wrong unit/code. Admittedly i did stuff up the first control and overshot the gully that had the control in it. But it wasn't until number 5 when things went horribly wrong. My navigation was good, but i was a little unsure of if i was in the actual right gully, nevertheless i went in search of the feature. I found the feature but not the control so i began to relocate to try and see if i was in a different gully. All evidence said i was in the correct gully, but the control stand was not to be found. James rocked up and i said "I will give you $10 if you can find the control." He couldn't and we both confirmed that the control was not here so we moved on, punchless. #6 was the same story, we found the feature, but not the control, spent a bit of time relocating to ensure our position and then decided to move on. As we were leaving Brett popped up and then found the control on a feature that was not mapped further east of the circled boulder.Very frustrating. (turns out that Brett helped put out controls yesterday because of Andrew's injury...). #7 then was our goal and both James and I had the same plan and we were moving at about the same speed. We both think we hit the feature square on in the correct gully, but the control was much lower on a different cliff. This was beyond a joke. The final frustration was with the last control which was pretty simple except when we came to punch the unit, the number was incorrect. Again i decided to confirm my position before punching and as i turned back to the feature, there was an event controller rushing in to swap the unit over. Talk about a disasterous day.
I went into this event knowing it was going to be tough, but not knowing that i was going to be playing hide and seek with poorly placed controls. Apart from this i think Andrew did set a fun course on what can essentially be called a shit map. I spent a lot of time at the finish being a troll and waiting for other course 2 competitors to come back to vindicate my position. Oh and the Schools Team catering was yummy as always.
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Kersbrook Glades South (05/05/2013) Kersbrook Glades South (05/05/2013)