Flinders Ranges Carnival Day 3 (10/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Wilpena Creek
Organiser: OHOC
Country: Australia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.79 km
Time: 57:22
Average HR: 143
Maximum HR: 164
Feeling chuffed after yesterday i was eager to get out there and do this! Pity i was the first on this course and lost a good 10sec turning on a stack of controls, probably not an issue considering how far behind i was from the rest. I was pretty smooth throughout the course, but slow because of the epic of yesterday. I was far too low on the creek at 14, but turned the right direction to see it. All up a fun course. The drive home was sad, but at least we got to the hear the repeat of the Top 10 in the JJJ Hottest 100 of the last 20years.
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Flinders Ranges Carnival Day 3 (10/06/2013) Flinders Ranges Carnival Day 3 (10/06/2013)