Portuguese Bridge MTBO (16/06/2013)
Category: MTBO
Map/area: Portuguese Bridge
Organiser: Tintookies
Country: Australia
Discipline: MTBO
Distance: 27.13 km
Time: 135:30
Average HR: 116
Maximum HR: 149
Fern and I tackled the second longest course. It was pretty tough for the first half with quite a few hill climbs and a river crossing that got our feet wet. Probably didn't have the greatest route choices to a few of them but we weren't out to win any sheep stations. It was friggin cold and my toes never thawed from the creek crossing the whole ride. Lovely ride, and i got to have bakery for lunch!
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Portuguese Bridge MTBO (16/06/2013) Portuguese Bridge MTBO (16/06/2013)