Spring 12 Hour - God's Country: Beyond Hell's Gates (14/09/2013)
Category: Rogaine
Map/area: Hallett
Organiser: SARA
Country: Australia
Discipline: 12 Hour
Fern and I teamed up for the 12 hour rogaine. Hopefully Fern didn't want to take it too seriously. After a few pushes at the start I managed to get Fern to slow down to a more comfortable pace. For the first 7 controls we were right with 2 or three other teams, so a good 1.5 - 2hours into the rogaine. That is unusual for a rogaine. We got to our halfway mark on our routechoice about 4 hours into the rogaine, so it was apparent that we underestimated our speed and what we could acheive. We didn't amend our course though, as we were both quite happy to keep it pretty casual. We did make some amendments though to get to water at the southern end of the map, so we dropped a 60 pointer and gained a 20 and a 30 and agreed to throw in an extra 40 towards the end to more than make up for the lost 60 pts.
The terrain was really nice and the weather was perfect. We saw stacks of wildlife in the way of goats, sheep, roos, emus and cows, and plenty of bird life. The night navigation was a challenge which required a lot of focus, but we're pretty pleased that we nailed it. Fern and I finished in 7th place which isn't bad considering we only did 2/3 of the rogaine....
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Spring 12 Hour - God's Country: Beyond Hell's Gates (14/09/2013)