2013 SA MTBO Teams Challenge (21/09/2013)
Category: MTBO
Map/area: Truro
Organiser: Yalanga
Country: Australia
Discipline: MTBO - Score
Distance: 24.87 km
Time: 124:45
Average HR: 118
Maximum HR: 159
Fern and I attempted this. Lauren was going to join us, but when we got there her helmet had not. So Lauren took a map and opted to run instead. Then while we were on our way to the first control of the event, Fern hit some fencing wire which promptly tore off the rear derailleur on her bike. So we coasted back to the start, stole Lauren's bike and cruised around a couple of controls in the south instead. So what was 4 hour event, turned into only about 1 hour of actual riding. Never mind, it was a lovely day out! We still managed to win the Open Mixed Category!
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2013 SA MTBO Teams Challenge (21/09/2013) 2013 SA MTBO Teams Challenge (21/09/2013)