Narrinyeri Hills OY#2 (13/04/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Murray Bridge
Organiser: Wallaringa
Country: Australia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 6.99 km
Time: 70:44
Average HR: 137
Maximum HR: 181
This year I am only doing M21AS at OY events - i need another tumbler if i can earn it. Today was a lot of fun running in the regrowth of parts of the map that burnt maybe 2 summers ago? So it was entertaining to be able to see a long way in the scrub, but not see any of the rocks my control were on. I had a fair bit of luck with controls just appearing in front of me when i wanted them, and didn't lose too much time searching. Even if it was a little bingo-ish, it still was fun to pick off the smaller features on the legs to try and maintain direction. I had to stop twice - first time between 5 and 6 to pee on the world and the second time between 9 and 10 while my heart had it's usual hissy fit. Fern and i had to rush off after the event to a birthday party so didn't get to stop and chat with too many peeps at orienteering.
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Narrinyeri Hills OY#2 (13/04/2014) Narrinyeri Hills OY#2 (13/04/2014)