Control Pick (15/07/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Höiås
Organiser: HSK
Country: Norway
Distance: 4.89 km
Time: 48:51
Very easy speed and stopping a bit to look at bits of mapping. Focusing on getting the angles right for exit directions and looking up well. Exits mostly good other than being terrible on 6 where I then made things fit what I wanted to see (including finding a boulder/cliff where I thought I'd ended up at the control). Trying to get the hang of the vegetation mapping although the map was a bit out of date (rough start on the way to 1 where there was a lot of extra green/felling, thought I was in for a very tough day but the green wasn't too bad after that).
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Control Pick (15/07/2019) Control Pick (15/07/2019)