SS7 (15/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Country: Austalia
Distance: 14.51 km
Time: 151:04
Average HR: 125
Maximum HR: 168
n retrospect, I left control 1 using the map as if I was going from 13 to 2, down the gully, around the ridge, back into the shallow gully which wasn't quite right, and had rocks! (and a control, but not mine). The rock features allowed easy relocation, but a bit of extra climb.
Control 2 to 3 was then very careful, cos I hadn't a clue why things went so wrong on the previous leg, with a conservative route along the major watercourse.
All ok after that, and a very pleasant run thru open gullys on 4-5, with Aislinn and I swapping the lead from 4 to 5 to 6 to 7.
Not a soul sighted from 7 until 11, except many roo's reminding me that it is the time of year of my roo attack, and was reassured by the ready supply of sticks on the ground.
Saw Ian Davies coming into 11 as I left, and wondered if he was in course one or not, as he looked quite fresh! (looks can be deceiving).
He trotted up behind me as we ran(walked) into 13, and I beat him home by a minute without sighting him again, to be 11 minutes down thanks to my poor effort on 2-3-4.
Really enjoyable long training run.
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SS7 (15/09/2015)