Echidnas Revenge 12Hr rogaine (10/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Porcupine Ridge
Discipline: Rogaine
Distance: 55.47 km
Time: 698:46
Average HR: 103
Maximum HR: 143
Ted van Geldermalsen and Warwick Davis
First place: Overall, Mens and Veteran Mens

2650 points, finished with 2 minutes spare.
55.7km in 11hr 38min. 1300m total ascent and descent.
Average 4.8km/hr
Event started 20 minutes late to allow for walking across flooded ford pre start.

Heavy rain meant that every gully was flowing with water and several river crossings were difficult and up to waist deep.
We were in darkness from 93 onwards.

79 was one knoll to the east, no lost time
93 was high and in another gully, which took 7 mins to find
83 was a bit low, and we were lucky to hit just as we gave-up on that ridge.
78 we went down the wrong gully, but corrected nicely, costing us about 4 minutes.
81 to 91, we lost 5 minutes doing a loop at the road crossing trying to work out the track junction.

Fantastic day, with lots of water around in a usually dry area. Fine weather with sunny patches and cool breeze at times.
Very open terrain, except the inner loop at the start that had some fire regrowth, where it was easier to slosh through the ankle deep water in the gullies

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Echidnas Revenge 12Hr rogaine (10/09/2016)