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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Vic Club Relays 2016 (09/10/2016)
Sunday 9 October 2016
Brimbank Park
Leg 3
Mispunch at 16. Bit windy!
Vic Long Champs 2016 (18/09/2016)
Sunday 18 September 2016
Chapel Flat - Creswick, Vic.
About 10-12 minutes lost on 8-9, otherwise not too bad.
Vic State Series 7 Kimbolton (04/09/2016)
Sunday 4 September 2016
Kimbolton, Yarra Valley, Australia
Foot Orienteering
About 1:30 lost through mistakes, another 7:00 due to "thinking time"