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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

Middle training (31/12/2016)
Saturday 31 December 2016
Category: Training
Barambogie South, Me, Australia
Nice challenging training, especially with this area being a lot greener than the map showed. Not my fastest orienteering but happ...
Control Picking (24/12/2016)
Saturday 24 December 2016
Category: Competition
Lake Wombat, Me, Australia
Good fun although the map was a little weird in places and a lot of extra vegetation all through it. Had to search for a way throu...
Aussie culture masterclass (25/11/2016)
Friday 25 November 2016
Category: Training
Mt Alexander, Me, Australia
Decided to christen the doma with this masterpiece that I set for the Finns. Not sure if they appreciated it as much as I did thou...