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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

NOL relay (2023-05-07)
Vasárnap 7 Május 2023
Típus: Competition
much better, took relatively chill and made sure to have fun.
NOL middle quali (2023-05-06)
Szombat 6 Május 2023
Típus: Competition
Castlemain, Victoria
terrible mistake on 11 and lost over 3min:( otherwise good
Easter Day 1 (2023-04-08)
Szombat 8 Április 2023
Típus: Competition
Highlands, ACT, Australia
Other ankle rolled on the way to no. 3. Big sad:(
NOY1 (2023-04-02)
Vasárnap 2 Április 2023
Típus: Training
Southams Road West, NSW
Bendigo 2days - Hagaby (2023-02-26)
Vasárnap 26 Február 2023
Típus: Competition
Sydneyham Hill, Victoria, Australia
Mass start
Bendigo 2days - Sprint (2023-02-25)
Szombat 25 Február 2023
Típus: Competition
Anderson's Diggings, Victoria, Australia
Extra jogging about (2023-02-25)
Szombat 25 Február 2023
Típus: Training
Kooyrooa, Australia
many mistakes again:D
Middle sim(ish) (2023-02-25)
Szombat 25 Február 2023
Típus: Training
Kooyoora, Mr Cheese, Australia
not full gas, many mistakes
Snows Hill training (2023-02-11)
Szombat 11 Február 2023
Típus: Training
me, Australia
Control pic + xmas 5days from a while back. A couple controls different on the map
Oceania Long (2023-01-09)
Hétfő 9 Január 2023
Típus: Competition
Bells Marsh, Tasmania, Australia
rolled ankle on way to 14:(