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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Bush Classic (21.05.2016)
Samstag 21 Mai 2016
Adelaide Hill, Bendigo, Australia
Bush Classic (15.05.2016)
Sonntag 15 Mai 2016
Rocky Rises Road, Bendigo, Australia
MTBO (08.05.2016)
Sonntag 8 Mai 2016
Creswick, St Georges Lake, Nillumbiy, Australia
Bush Classic (07.05.2016)
Samstag 7 Mai 2016
Chewton, Bendigo, Australia
SS2 2016 (24.04.2016)
Sonntag 24 April 2016
Balt Camp, Bullengarook, Gisborne, Central Highlands, Australia
First leg worst leg
Bush Classic (23.04.2016)
Samstag 23 April 2016
Mt Ida, Bendigo, Australia
Bush Classic (16.04.2016)
Samstag 16 April 2016
Birds Reef, Bendigo, Australia
Bush Classic (09.04.2016)
Samstag 9 April 2016
Kangaroo Gully, Bendigo, Australia
Course 2
SS1 2016 (20.03.2016)
Sonntag 20 März 2016
Nerrina, Ballarat, Eureka, Australia
Bad start, and didn't get much better after that. Note to self, the start is a triangle, not the finish circle. A few good legs w...