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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Bush Classic (21/05/2016)
Субота 21 Травня 2016
Adelaide Hill, Bendigo, Australia
Bush Classic (15/05/2016)
Неділя 15 Травня 2016
Rocky Rises Road, Bendigo, Australia
MTBO (08/05/2016)
Неділя 8 Травня 2016
Creswick, St Georges Lake, Nillumbiy, Australia
SS2 2016 (24/04/2016)
Неділя 24 Квітня 2016
Balt Camp, Bullengarook, Gisborne, Central Highlands, Australia
First leg worst leg
Bush Classic (09/04/2016)
Субота 9 Квітня 2016
Kangaroo Gully, Bendigo, Australia
Course 2
SS1 2016 (20/03/2016)
Неділя 20 Березня 2016
Nerrina, Ballarat, Eureka, Australia
Bad start, and didn't get much better after that. Note to self, the start is a triangle, not the finish circle. A few good legs w...