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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

ACT Middle Champs Part 2 (31/08/2019)
Cumartesi 31 Agustos 2019
Careys Cave, OACT, Australia
ACT Middle Champs Part 1 (31/08/2019)
Cumartesi 31 Agustos 2019
Careys Cave, OACT, Australia
WOC 2019 Long Distance (14/08/2019)
Çarsamba 14 Agustos 2019
Mork langdistance, Norway
Two intervals @ LD pace (11/08/2019)
Pazar 11 Agustos 2019
Gillingsrod, Norway
Long Distance
Simulation: 35' @ LD Pace (09/08/2019)
Cuma 9 Agustos 2019
Lordagskjappen, Norway
60% of Long Test Race (World) (08/08/2019)
Persembe 8 Agustos 2019
Guttersrod, Norway
Svestadtjern middle distance (28/06/2019)
Cuma 28 Haziran 2019
Svestadtjern, Norway
Kirkebygden Intervals (28/06/2019)
Cuma 28 Haziran 2019
Kirkebygden, Norway
Valer Varde Familiarisation (28/06/2019)
Cuma 28 Haziran 2019
Valer Varde, Norway
Lond Distance
Long distance familiarisation (24/06/2019)
Pazartesi 24 Haziran 2019
Gillingsrod, Norway
Long distance
Write up on AP -
Autumn Series #1 (24/02/2019)
Pazar 24 Subat 2019
Bunjil, Australia
Vic Autumn Series #1 @ Bunjil - 1st Feeling pretty wrecked at the end of three big weeks but aim was to make this a threshold ef...
Bendigo 2Day Hagaby (17/02/2019)
Pazar 17 Subat 2019
Lockwood Ranges, Australia
Mass start long
Relatively good race. 2 small errors in the granit butterfly but picked them up quick. Two times I really tried to push away from ...
Easy middle distance (16/02/2019)
Cumartesi 16 Subat 2019
Kooyoora, Australia
Easy before two races. Technique felt good to start but didn't have the confidence that I was at the right control site so was slo...